Apple Files Patent on New Noise Canceling Headphones

a pair of standard earphones that will be replaced by apple's noise canceling headphones

For the millions who own an iPhone, iPad or other Apple product, a set of standard headphones comes with every purchase; now, Apple is planning on raising the bar for noise canceling headphones with their latest patent.

Apple has applied for a patent on bone conduction technology for a method of improving the voice quality in a wireless headset. The technology works when voice input is accepted by one of the earbuds, passed along to your mobile device, monitored by a sensor for vibrations in the user’s bone structure and then optimized and transmitted back to the user.

Bone conduction works by transmitting sound through subtle vibrations, as opposed to speakers, in an attempt to increase sound quality. If Apple is granted a patent and decides to move forward with production, the internal microphones in the earbuds would account for noise and wind levels, and combine that information with other factors to provide the highest possible quality.

According to Apple’s patent application, a “user’s voice activity may be detected to perform noise reduction and generate a pitch estimate to improve the speech quality of the final output signal.” Apple has yet to comment on their newly public patent, but we will keep you posted if new developments occur.

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