Patents in the News: Ford Patent Filed For Integrated Truck Bed For Power Outlets

The Ford Motor Company has been known for filing numerous patents over the years. In the past few months, they have begun to file more truck patents.

On October 4th, 2022, the automobile manufacturer filed a patent for an integrated truck bed with power outlets. That patent was published on January 26th, 2023.

As part of an ongoing project, engineers at Ford have designed a system consisting of power outlets built into a vehicle’s roof rails that are protected by removable covers and powered by the vehicle itself. It’s a great solution for charging devices while tailgating or camping, Ford emphasizes in their application.

Considering the growing market for hybrid and electric vehicles, we’re likely to see a surge in similar technologies. Getting a patent on this new feature before their competitors do is a wise move on Ford’s part. By doing so, it allows them to protect their proprietary design and give themselves a competitive edge in the market.

Why Do Car Companies Have Patents?

Thousands of patent applications are filed annually by automobile manufacturers to protect their innovations in design and technology. If granted, these patents give them exclusive rights over the use and implementation of those innovations in their automobiles.

Throughout the decades since cars were invented, technology and design have constantly evolved. Lots of new innovations mean lots of patents. Patenting automotive technologies has become increasingly important, especially with the shift toward electric and driverless vehicles. 

So, while they may be challenging to get, they are indispensable for car manufacturers, especially when it comes to marketing their products.

Why You Should File A Patent

During the patent protection period and within the country where your patent is granted, you have the power to decide who can use your work. This means you have the legal right to prevent third parties from using your inventions or intellectual property for their own gain without your permission.

By discouraging the unlawful use of your invention, having a patent gives you an advantage over your competitors as they are less likely to copy something that is protected. Ultimately, it’s important to own a patent if you wish to become a leader in your industry.

Patents can help increase the value of your original work. Controlling access to its use contributes to its rarity, enhancing both its market value and commercial appeal. Moreover, patents can increase the value of your business as a whole in the event that you decide to sell it.

When it comes to getting funding, patents are very valuable to investors, private equity firms, and government grant programs. The reason being patents provide an additional layer of protection for investors.

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Sanchelima & Associates, P.A. is one of the leading intellectual property law firms in South Florida. With over 40 years of experience, we have represented the IP interests of a wide array of businesses in the US and abroad, including Fortune 500 companies. Whether you need a consultation or prosecution of a patent, trademark, or copyright, we can protect your business’s interests. 

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